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The waiting is over! Grand Opening Friday 22


Hey, there cat lover hooman! The waiting is finally getting to an end. After months of preparation, we've gathered a huge amount of curated cat products exclusively for your cat's amusement. Only the best of the best and delivered from the USA straight to your cat's paws. Our toast flying cats will leave a rainbow trail as they accelerate towards your cat's encounter! Nah... kidding, we hoomans deliver your Majesty's toys and needs, we live to serve them and it's no news that they command us and we obey.


So wait no more! your king orders are to be fulfilled... what would your lord want? a flipping flapping electric fish toy perhaps? You name it (actually he/she meowww it) we send it!

Now run hooman! go tell your master the great news!!! purrrrr

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